Euclid Technology

Although timber framing is thousands of years old, we're in the 21st century. Shouldn't we use that to our advantage? Or to your advantage? Here are three reasons why our space-age software and machinery are advantageous to you: 1) Higher precision---your frame fits together perfectly; 2) Greater productivity---you don't need to wait as long to get your frame; and 3) Lower price---it won't cost you as much as it would if we cut every mortise and tenon with small hand tools.

Software -- the name of our major 3D design software program is cadwork. cadwork is a Swiss-written program that enables us to model your timber frame in three dimensions, manipulate it, add the joinery to it, and then send it to our machinery.

The picture below gives you a an idea of how we add the joinery to the timber frame. The parts have been pulled apart for clarity --- typically, we design with the parts together. For more information about cadwork, click here.

CAD Screenshot

The other advanced design software programs we use are AutoCAD and HSB-CAD (a Belgian program that works with AutoCAD).

Machinery -- Hans Hundegger, founder and owner of Hundegger Maschinenbau GmbH, has been building timber milling machinery for more than 20 years in Southern Germany. More than 1,700 of his machines are installed around the world. Hundegger is the world leader in CNC milling machinery. And, we own two of his machines: the K2 Milling Machine and the HM-D Planer. Find out more about Hundegger here.

The K2 is a fascinating machine to watch. When you come to the shop, make sure you stop by and have a look. Our building is 120' long the machine just fits inside. The pictures below will help you better understand the size of the machine.

K2 Machine


K2 Machine